The property of DeerFields Estate is located within a region referred to as 'the Headwaters' because it is the birthplace of four
of Ontario's major river systems: the Credit, the Nottawasaga, the Humber and the Grand.

The Headwaters is part of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Area, designed to preserve the unique natural beauty of the
area. Lush with pastures, streams and ponds, DeerFields is home to the DeerFields Clinic, specializing in Age Management
Health, plus resident Gypsy Vanner horses enjoy an equine playground, with access to the 41 km Caledon Trailway. The property
features forests, woodland trails, shimmering ponds, a vineyard, and much more.

Two of the stellar, life-enhancing amenities at DeerFields Stables Country Inn are the DeerFields Clinic Life Transformation Retreat
and the La Cucina dining room.

Our facilities are designed to blend with the natural beauty of the landscape, a non-intrusive means of enjoying this unique
location. They include a full size indoor arena, outdoor training ring, and brilliant stables - with dedicated birthing stalls, as well
as the enhanced B&B Country Inn manor.
A Luxury Age Management Retreat
          Close to the City and a Million Miles Away
The Three Pillars of Age Management
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Every Accommodation Luxury You Could Dream Of
DeerFields offers private, luxurious suites with all the comforts one could
wish for. Amenities include King and Queen Suites with sitting area and
soaking tub for total relaxation, a private ensuite, widescreen TV and
much more.
A Taste of DeerFields Activities
DeerFields Cooking Class
Adventure Picnic

Strength Training Workshop
Flexibility & Mobility Workshop
Bike Riding
Cross-Country Skiing
Stress Reduction
Spa Treatments
Silent Meditation Walk
Cognitive Meditation Training CMT

Equine Facility
Horse Back Riding & Lessons
A Taste of DeerFields Excellence
There is no menu at DeerFields, instead guests are offered multi-course
farmers feasts featuring the best offering from the fields and market.
Chef Robert Wilson prepares a succession of small plates and diverse
flavours that change daily, sometimes even hourly, based on the harvest
and local farmers. DeerFields highlights the abundant resources that the
Hills of the Headwaters has to offer.
Age Management Clinic
Experience Personal Health Transformation
Canada’s Leader in Age Management Medicine, represents a complete,
individualized medical program to manage the aging process for people
from age 30 years to 95 years. Age Management Medicine is a newer
medical specialty that incorporates established and newer markers of
disease risk into a proactive plan of client management.
The goals are 3-fold:

1. Optimizing 'health-span' and quality-of-life,

2. Avoiding or delaying disease and illness, and

3. Lifestyle modifications supported by the 3-pillars of Age Management Medicine, to include: Nutrition, Fitness, Stress
Reduction, Telomerase Activation, Metabolism, Hormone Balance, Genomics Testing, Lifestyle Coaching, plus an
Experiential Property to Support Lifestyle Daily Rituals, supported by an Annual Medical with a Referral Program to
Specialists as required.
Viva Caledon!

The Town of Caledon will host the Equestrian components of the TORONTO 2015 Pan / Parapan Am games. The games venue
will be at the Caledon Equestrian Park (CEP) in Palgrave. Caledon is home to a thriving equestrian business community and was
a natural fit for the games venue.

DeerFields is a proud supporter of Accommodation and Food Services,
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